What are all those red spots on my back?

A very common concern, as people get older, is the development of red spots on the chest, abdomen  and back. While “red spots” can mean any number of things in dermatology, the most common growths that concern people are so called “cherry angiomas.” These are non-canerous, or benign  growths of blood vessels that can be as small as the tip of  a pencil or as large as the pencil eraser. They are red because the vessels are filled with blood. If you are wondering if that is the type of growth you have, try pressing it: that will squeeze out the blood and the color will disappear. These angiomas ( angio means vessel in Greek) are harmless, increase in number with age and are easily treated by laser or, if small enough, by an electric needle in a fashion similar to electrolysis for hair removal.

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