What Readers Are Saying

What I liked most about TOTAL SKIN is that it provides direct, candid information that I know I can trust. Dr. Leffell’s style is engaging and he flavored the book with fascinating facts and anecdotes. I looked up one problem I needed information about and continued reading…”
Megan • 41 • professional photographer

I was really impressed by this most informative book. It is easy to read and understand, and for the first time ‘old’ terms my grandparents used, like ‘boil’ and ‘carbuncle’ were explained along with modern maladies we baby boomers are experiencing. I bought a copy after reading a library copy. A great reference book!”
J.M. • Barnesandnoble.com

“I find it fascinating and well written for the layman like me. I also enjoyed reading what drew you to skin research and dermatology, and why you enjoy this field.”

Peter L. • Maine

“I am greatly enjoying your book Total Skin. It is a delight to read and, for patients, a clear, authoritative, comprehensive and beautifully written reference.”
Murad A. • Boston, MA

“I just finished reading it. My absolute favorite chapter is “Getting Past Denial.” I shall recommend it to my patients.”
June R. • Maywood, IL

“The question and answer format that you have used in your book should make it a patient-friendly book.”
Evan F. • Indianapolis, IN

“It appears to be very well-written, and should fill a wide-spread need for public education about the skin and its care.”
Robert G. • San Diego, CA

“I read your book and it’s the best thing I ever read! Thanks!”
Angela V. • New Jersey

“Your book is the best thing I have ever read.”
A.V. • New Jersey

“I wanted to let you know that I just finished reading you book, and found it to be a wonderful resource. Your sections on melanoma and basal cell cancer were very optimistic but definitely pushed how crucial early detection and treatment are. I have paged through many, many books of this type in the last few months but this is what I’ve been looking for. Although I am confident in the decisions I made for my particular situation, it’s always nice to have them reinforced by an expert. The personal stories, such as Cheryl undergoing Mohs surgery, were so helpful. I only wish I had read them before my surgery! Thanks again!”

“Enjoyed your book very much. Read it essentially cover-to-cover. You sound like a real human being, unlike some doctors I’ve encountered personally or when I’ve been along with relatives on their appointments.”
S. K. • Ellenville, NY

“I really enjoyed your book and found it very thorough and helpful.”
A. B. • Salt Lake City, UT

“Excellent and informative book. Thank you!”
S. D. • Santa Ana, CA

“Thank you for the most enlightening book…I was mesmerized. You taught and showed me more, in that one book, Total Skin, than anything I have ever learned from reading before – or from any dermatologist that I have ever seen in 25 years.”
A.B. • Amsterdam, MT

“I love your book. I’m an esthetician and some of my clients ask about skin concerns that dermatologists can address. Your book has helped me tremendously.”
C. R. • Derry, NH

“I found your book to be well written and very informative, including your commentary on cosmetic products.”
P. T. • Berkeley Heights, NJ

“The book is so informative. It covers about all you would want to know about skin problems and is so great for reference. Most layman medical books have very little coverage on skin problems.”
L. R. • Tucson, AZ

“Your book is terrific!”
J. B. • Worcester, MA

“I am enjoying your book.”
A. K. • Sudbury, MA

“Thank you, Thank you for such excellent book!” I could not put it down!”
A. B.

“I just finished your book. Thank you for such clear information.”
A. O.

“My mother loaned me her copy of your book and I just wanted to tell you how great I thought it was. I have a great interest in skin care and preservation and have read many, many books on the subject. None of them have come anywhere near yours in explaining the ‘whys and hows’. You go into great depth in an easy to understand manner. (The little sprinklings of humor here and there are much appreciated, too.) Thank you for what I think is the definitive book on skin care for the new millennium.”
D. H.

“I recently purchased your new book and love it. I’ve been looking for a comprehensive book on skin care and felt you had the authority to be trusted. Thank you.”

“I have just read and enjoyed your book. It appears that for the first time in 11 years, I finally have found a dermatologist who understands my particular skin problem.”
T. W. • Minneapolis, MD

“I purchased your book and have referred to it at least 15 times in a few weeks. I appreciate the fact that even if one can afford expensive products, you recommend products that are inexpensive and produce better results. Great book. I am giving it to my friends as gifts for Christmas. I hope you do more books in the future and maybe come out with a few products.”
C. A.