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More than 10 years ago, I wrote Total Skin: the Definitive Guide to Whole Skin Care for Life. At the time, my intention was to write a book that would become a reliable reference, similar to books by Dr. Spock and others. Credibility and readability were my two primary goals in writing the book. Since the initial publication of Total Skin, I have been gratified by the international feedback and the fact that it continues to be used as a reference for information about skin and skin health.The goal of this website is to amplify on the perspective presented in Total Skin and extend my philosophy of effective and direct communication about the broader world of health in general, with a special emphasis on longevity. While board certified in dermatology with specialty fellowship training in dermatologic surgery, I am also board certified in internal medicine and maintain an active interest in what goes on inside of the body as well as on the outside. My goals are separating the wheat from the chaff, explaining hot medical items in the news, and in essence serving in some ways as your guide through the complex world of medical information. In recent years, growing out of research in my area of dermatology, I have developed an interest in the emerging field of longevity and the science of anti-aging. Just as in the world of skin care and skin health, I have seen unscientific claims and bizarre assertions garner the patina of credibility. While I have no interest in dueling with those who would mislead, I hope that I will be able to provide information that is always substantiated by science.

As I move from the 20th century format of communication to that of the 21st century, I’m especially excited by the immediacy of blogging but also aware that it can compound that very human frailty: our remarkable ability to make mistakes. So, if I discover that I have inadvertently posted information that is incorrect, I will correct it. If I don’t, please let me know. The original post will remain with a comment correcting the error. I hope that you will surf to this website regularly and welcome your suggestions about topics and specific questions. If I don’t know the answer I will tap into my wide personal network of world-class medical experts to try to get you the answer you need. Good health and long life!

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