Sun Smart Tips

  1. Apply sunscreen or sunblock with Sun Protection Factor of 15 or higher.
  2. Use broad-spectrum sunscreen, as listed on the label, to protect against ultraviolet B, the cancer causing rays, and ultraviolet A, the skin aging rays.
  3. Choose between a sunscreen, which chemically absorbs energy from the sun, or a sunblock, which contains products like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide which reflect the sun back off the skin.
  4. Apply sunscreen every few hours while active outdoors and after swimming, even if the sunscreen is labeled “water-resistant.”
  5. Apply sunscreen in a regular routine from face, neck and ears, to shoulders and all the way down, wherever your skin is exposed to the sun.
  6. Some people are surprised to learn that a T-shirt only provides a sun protection factor of about 6 to 8. For this reason you should be sure to apply sunscreen before dressing to prevent getting  sunburn through a regular T-shirt.
  7. Stay or play in the shade during peak sun hours, 10 AM to 4 PM.
  8. Wear a brimmed hat. This protects the nose and ears where many skin cancers develop.
  9. Always protect children from the sun. Eighty-five percent of lifetime sun exposure occurs by 18 so protecting children will pay off later in life.
  10. Have a full-body skin exam every year and be alert to any changing moles.
  11. If you have a mole that is new, or has changed, or doesn’t seem right get it checked out immediately. If a mole itches, bleeds or irregular get it checked out right away. It could save your life.
  12. If you are outdoors a lot, be sure to wear sun protective clothing which is made with a special weave to protect against the sun.
  13. Ultraviolet radiation can cause cataracts. Speak to your eye doctor about the best sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.

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