New Study Confirms Tanning Parlor Use Increases Skin Cancer Risk in Young People

Dr. Susan Mayne

For many years, dermatologists have noted an increasing number of young women presenting with the most common form of skin cancer called basal cell cancer. Now, a study we conducted at Yale, led by colleagues Dr. Susan Mayne and Dr. Leah Ferrucci, sheds new light on this unexpected and unfortunate trend. The good news is that those who use tanning parlors now have good reason to stop doing so. For more information about this extensive study click here or click here. Not surprisingly representatives of the tanning parlor industry will make spurious claims about the safety of tanning parlor use. The scientific evidence suggests otherwise. The publication of this study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology is very timely. Recently, California banned tanning parlor use in minors. In Connecticut there is a revived effort ( for the fourth time) to pass legislation requiring parental consent to allow minors to use tanning parlors. It is noteworthy that both cigarettes and ultraviolet radiation such as that emitted in tanning parlors, are carcinogenic. One wonders why the same regulations do not apply to tanning parlors as apply to access to cigarettes.

Dr. Leah Ferrucci


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