Associated Press reviews “Total Skin”

Total Skin by Dr. David J. LeffellFrom Associated Press:

“Total Skin, a new book by Leffell, a professor at the Yale University School of Medicine, hopes to provide comprehensive information about the sun’s effect on skin and to debunk some myths about skin health. Besides offering advice about skin cancer, Total Skin explains less-serious skin ailments, such as rashes and acne, and provides in-depth detail of the risks and procedures of cosmetic surgery. The book includes color pictures of melanomas, basal cell cancer, squamous cell cancer and healthy moles. Other pictures show common skin ailments and before-and-after pictures of some cosmetic procedures. In the back, the book lists support groups for various skin conditions. Leffell recommends some cosmetics, soaps and skin care products but cautions that less is usually better when it comes to skin health. The book also discusses which natural remedies work and which have not been proven by science. The key concern, however, is skin damage from the sun, which can lead to skin cancer and premature aging. Besides the cancer danger, Leffell’s book points out that sun exposure leads to wrinkles, liver spots and other undesirable signs of aging.” — Diane Scarponi

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